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DH48S ( JSS48A ) time relay

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  • DH48S ( JSS48A ) time relay

Product Abstract:

DH48S ( JSS48A ) time relay

Product Description

DH48S ( JSS48 ) using advanced large-scale special integration and LED digital tube display, in reference to foreign technology standard, can replace the H5CN and similar products, beautiful appearance, delay a wide range and high precision, low power consumption and long life, the advantages of large capacity contactors, used in automatic control system of control components.
DH48S ( JSS48A ) time relay instructions:
The first preset time delay value, then the use of electricity.
The preset is completed, should be covered with a protective cover, avoid touch dialing code switch, generating false action.
Such as driving a larger current should be matched with the AC contactor to use.
In the reset function at any time through 1, the 3 terminal, contact will revert to the initial position, after disconnection from scratch, using this function will be 1, 3 terminal connected to external contacts, can realize the function of DH48S-2Z disconnect delay.
Pause function and time accumulator using: DH48S-2Z without this function at any moment on 1, 4 terminal timing pause, display maintenance, afterwards continues to open after the timing, use this function for when tired to use.
Reduction and suspension wire, use the shielded wire.
Suspension and the reset terminal of static voltage.
Should be no corrosive gas, dust and critical question, rain, frozen, fume erosion situations.
Note: This product can be totally explicit, implicit zero, with timing.
Country electric switch factory production DH48S ( JSS48A ) time relay, quality first, price concessions.
Mobile phone: 15957745520 contact: Mr.

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