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DH48J counter

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  • DH48J counter
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Product Abstract:

DH48J counter

Product Description

Preset counter:
The introduction of foreign technology, instead of the Japanese company OMRON H7CN
According to the preset number of switching on or off electrical appliances
The DIP48X48MM international standards panel.
4 LED digital display, digital switch setting
Circuit plate for the thickness of 1.5mm high-grade glass transition plate
Industrial grade components, STM chip industry.
X1 / X10 / X100 magnification selection with R without this function.
A variety of counting mode: N : reaching the preset value after the relay stops counting.
F: reaches the preset value after the counter continues to count
R : to reach the preset value counter automatic reset ( reset time adjustable 1-9 sec. )
Instructions for use:
Multiple choice: X1 / X10 / X100 reaches the set after cessation of count.
DC12V DC output power for sensor power supply current is less than 30MA, please. Otherwise please use other power, so as to avoid the counter to count or not. The first preset magnification and the preset number, column ratio of 10, namely every 10 input signal plus 1 count
The first electric set when the number is invalid, such as the need to please the preset preset, digital press panel reset switch reset or external connection terminals; and disconnecting the power supply and 0.5 seconds after the power is switched on.
Country electric switch factory production DH48J counter, quality first, price concessions.
Mobile phone: 15957745520 contact: Mr.

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