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DW45 ( GFW1 ) universal circuit breaker

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Product Abstract:

DW45 ( GFW1 ) universal circuit breaker

Product Description

1 Overview
DW45 series of intelligent type air circuit breaker is used to control and protection of low voltage distribution network. Usually installed in the low-voltage distribution cabinet control switch up protective effect. Rated current of 1000A and below the circuit breaker, can also be used for protecting electric motor. Products can provide damp-heat type ( type TH ), ship type and class 1E circuit breaker, can provide low temperature to - 40 degrees C circuit breaker, and can provide a liquid crystal display and digital display circuit breaker. For the" China famous brand" products.
Intelligent, zero flashover, with isolation function;
High breaking and short-time withstand ability;
A long-time delay overload, short circuit short-time delay short circuit, instantaneous and grounding fault function ( optional);
The drawer seat" connected"," test"," separation " of the three position indication;
Can realize the intelligent network monitoring, can be used in Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, CAN and TCP communication protocol, is convenient for users to carry out integrated management;
With FDM3 short message notification module, remote alarm and surveillance;
With IEC60947-2, GB14048.2 standard;
The circuit breaker by national mandatory product certification mark" CCC".
In 2 normal working conditions and installation conditions
The circuit breaker may be in the ambient air temperature of - 5 DEG C to 40 DEG C under operating conditions ( greater than + 40 C to + 60 C see sample circuit breaker in the derating factor );
The location of the installation elevation not exceeding 2000m;
The location of the installation of the air relative humidity at the highest temperature of + 40 C when not more than 50%; at lower temperature can have a higher relative humidity, for example 20 degrees up to 90%, due to temperature change occasionally produced gel, should take special measures;
Pollution grade 3;
Circuit breaker circuit and under voltage release coil, power transformer primary coil installation category IV, remaining auxiliary circuit, control circuit installation category iii;
Circuit breakers for electromagnetic environment of A;
Marine and damp-heat type circuit breaker can tolerate humid air, salt spray and mould effect;
Marine type circuit breaker under the ships normal vibration can reliably work;
1E circuit breaker can withstand nuclear industry environmental impact;
The circuit breaker should be in accordance with the instruction manual install requires. Circuit breaker vertical inclination of not more than 5 DEG, ship breaker does not exceed 22.5 deg;
The breaker should be installed in no danger of explosion and no conductive dust, non-metal corrosion and damage to the insulation;
Circuit breaker installed in the cabinet body chamber, and an additional frame, protection level of IP40.
DW45-2000 / 3P / 630A, DW45-2000 / 3P / 800A
DW45-2000 / 3P / 1000A, DW45-2000 / 3P / 1250A
DW45-2000 / 3P / 1600A, DW45-2000 / 3P / 2000A
DW45-3200 / 3P / 2500A DW45-3200 / 3P / 3200A
DW45-4000 / 3P / 4000A DW45-6300 / 3P / 5000A,
DW45-6300 / 3P / 6300A
DW45-2000 / 4P / 630A DW45-2000 / 4P / 1250A
DW45-2000 / 4P / 800A DW45-2000 / 4P / 1600A
DW45-2000 / 4P / 1000A DW45-2000 / 4P / 2000A
DW45-3200 / 4P / 2500A DW45-3200 / 4P / 3200A
DW45-6300 / 4P / 5000A, 4P / 6300A, DW45-6300 /
Mobile phone: 15957745520
Address: Yueqing city Weng Yang Industrial Zone
Contact QQ: 495803540

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